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The Conversion Blazer is the result of 4 years of design and planning to bring you not only an incredible blazer, but a great hooded jacket and fully functional raincoat. As a blazer, it's perfect for the office. Snap on the hood for a more casual look and you're ready for happy hour with friends. If a thunderstorm roles through, zip up the jacket and enjoy a fully waterproof raincoat. 

Other companies have tried, but no one comes close to our quality and performance. We started with the traditional design of your favorite two-button blazer and added raincoat functionality to bring you the only jacket you'll ever need. We are working with top quality designers and expert manufacturers who have worked with some of the best mens and outdoors wear companies all over the world. 


The Conversion Blazer is 100% waterproof, wrinkle-free, and uses stretchable fabric to contour to anyone's body type. We've stored a hood in an interior pocket which easily attaches to hidden snaps under the collar. The Conversion Blazer's buttons, as well as hidden zippers and magnets, can then be used to seal your raincoat all the way up to the neck. Zippers are also included on the side pockets to keep your phone and other small electronics dry. 

Coming 2019

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~ Patent No. D839553 ~

 The Conversion Blazer 

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