How It Works

We've hidden a hood in an interior pocket, which easily attaches to hidden snaps under the collar. After attaching the hood, use the hidden zippers to zip up the bottom and the hidden magnets to cross the lapels at the top; now you have a raincoat with coverage all the way up to your neck. Pull up the hood to complete your raincoat. Converting the raincoat back into a blazer is as simple as opening the lapels, unzipping the blazer, and unsnapping the hood.


The conversion process from blazer to raincoat or raincoat to blazer takes less that 30 seconds. 

   Please see the image below for a more detailed look.   

  1. Remove hood from the hidden storage pocket located inside the blazer and attach the hood to the collar by connecting the hidden snaps.

  2. Unfold the hidden zipper at the bottom of the blazer and zip up the midsection past the two classic blazer buttons.

  3. Fold over the lapels that use hidden, high-powered magnets to keep the jacket sealed.

  4. Snap the hood closed at the neck and adjust the ties as needed to complete your raincoat functionality.

Quality Convertible Office Blazer

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